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My Story

Tiziana was born in Switzerland but lived in Italy until the age of nineteen until she moved to Germany for two years to learn the language and culture. Her passion for the study of foreign languages led her to return first to Switzerland due to the multilingual nature of the country and later to England where she stayed for twelve years, also studying Art and Ceramics. A path that she undertook in parallel while collaborating with multinational companies.

She currently resides in Switzerland where she works as an artist, painting and creating sculptures in bronze, metal, ceramics, papier-mâché, plaster and fibreglass. Her works are explosions of vitality and possibilism, of observation of the natural evolution of existence and awareness of its cyclical nature, which she brilliantly expresses through the spherical form, her figurative base, within an abstract universe.


Sometimes these expressions are made on smooth and reflecting surfaces, sometimes rougher or more course, always depending on the emotion she wishes to highlight. Sometimes it is even represented through chromatic vivacity in which full and saturated colours alternate, amplifying each other. The openness and positivity acquired by her travels and by having lived in places with different cultures and traditions, have taught her to cater for and develop emotions based on the differences that make individuals distant, not only from a rational point of view but at the same time essentially similar from that of perceived sensations. She loves to measure herself against different artistic techniques, moving from sculpture to ceramics, from oil painting to material painting, confirming the eclectic and energetic and lively tendency of her personality. The universality of the message that she manages to get out of her artworks, despite belonging to Abstractionism, has allowed her to be appreciated by the public and critics in all the places where she has exhibited, from Switzerland to the United Kingdom, from Italy to Qatar.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Tel: +41 78 689 3004
Altelier Via Penate, 16
6850 Mendrisio Switzerland
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